Biking Group

  On Mondays, the combined groups of SEL, MEL, and GEL are the "Long Riders" as they normally ride 30 to 35 miles, but that ride is usually broken up with a coffee spot and lunch at the end or near end of the ride. They start from different locations, but quite often from the Botanical Gardens."Biker Bill" from MEL is in charge. His contact information is (312-316-3225). If you are interested, contact Bill and he will add you to his email distribution list and will email every week with details.

  If you are interested in shorter rides, there is a GEL group that rides on Thursday mornings at 9:00 am. They normally ride about 12 to 14 miles. If you have any questions, contact Steve Blonz at 847-212-8533. Or our SEL contact person Ron Schwarcz at (847-971-8457).

Book Club

  The Book Club meets on the third Friday of every month at 1:30pm - 4:30pm at the Deerfield Public Library. Co-leaders are Sal Sidoti,  847-383-5460 and Ron Epstein   847-470-8580. 


Breakfast Club 

  Meets every Thursday at Butterfields, 4195 Dundee Road in Northbrook at 9:00 am. The co-leaders are Sal Sidoti,   847-383-5460 and Nate Kohn  847-564-1956.  


Bridge Group

  Group meets every Thursday at two (2) alternating locations. Pavilion Restaurant, 577 Waukegan Road, Northbrook and Allgauers Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel, 2855 N. Milwaukee, Northbrook. Game starts at 11:00 am, stop for lunch, then continue until 3:00 pm. Watch for emails or refer to the SEL monthly calendar for where game is being held.  Any questions contact  Bill Mendal,  847- 478-5445 or Wally  Pollack   847-205-1351.


Canasta Group

  The Group meets each Monday at Pinstripes, 1150 Willow Road, Northbrook. Play starts at 11am. We break for lunch at noon. Play continues until 3 PM. Water, coffee and cookies are provided by the restaurant. Any questions, contact Sal Sidoti   847-383-5460 or Mike Stein    847-921-8005  Watch for emails. 

Discussion Group

  The group meets the fourth Tuesday of the month either at the Northbrook Library or the Deerfield Library at 10:00 am. It is an open discussion session. The planning team usually decides on topics to open the discussion if none come forth from the  participants. Any questions should be directed to Mike Colman  847-298-6445 or Jerry Perlman  847-476-4556


Ethnic Lunch

  The lunch takes place on the fourth Wednesday of the month at a different location each month. Generally lunch begins at 12:00 Noon. The Group Leader is Bernie Petchenik .      


Gin Group

  Games are played every Friday at the Pavilion Restaurant at 577 Waukegan Road, Northbrook IL 60062, 847-715-9440.. The Group meets at 11:00 am, breaks for lunch at Noon and then plays till 3-3:00 PM. Stakes are low and everybody has an enjoyable afternoon. Any questions contact Art Fishoff   847-530-3307


Golf Group

   The group usually starts playing every Wednesday the 1st week of May (weather permitting). Play is at Chevy Chase Country Club, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Wheeling. The group leader will email each member their tee time and foursome each week. Costs and discounts available are announced at the beginning of each season. Any questions contact Harvey Gilden,  847-831-3127 or Bill Gould,  847-564-7885.


Hearts Group 

   This group meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at the Pavilion Restaurant , 577 Waukegan Road in Northbrook. Play starts at 11:00 am, stops for lunch, then continues to play until 3:00 pm. Any questions contact Herb Braidman at or by telephone. The number is 224-628-3291.

Investment  Group

  The MEL Group usually extends an invitation to SEL members to attend their sessions. The invitation for a specific meeting will contain the topic, the meeting place and time for the session. If interested, watch for the emails.

Movie Group

  The Group meets every Wednesday for lunch and a movie that your wife or significant other would not want to see.

The co-leaders select the movie. Watch for weekly emails with information.  The co-leaders are Sal

Sidoti ( 847-383-5460 or Nate Kohn ( 847-564-1956. 

Poker Group

 The poker group meets at the Bernard Weinger JCC, 300 Revere Drive every Tuesday, except the 3rd Tuesday of each month, which is the SEL General Meeting day. On the third Tuesday, the poker game is moved to Wednesday at the JCC location.

Two types of games are played.  Seven card w/ a spit- high hand only and seven card hi/lo w/a spit - split pot. Any questions  contact Les Bernstein at (312-804-3193) or Phil Penner at 847-650-7346. 

 Pre-General Meeting Lunch Group 

  This group meets prior to the monthly SEL General Meeting at a site that is determined for each meeting date. If you have an interest in participating in this group please make sure you check this Interest area in your member profile. Any questions contact Herb Braidman. His email is  ( 224-628-3291)


Water Volley Ball Group

  Combined MEL/GEL/SEL activity. Meets every Wednesday at Bernard Weinger JCC, 300 Revere Drive, Northbrook at 1:00PM. Any questions, contact Ron Schwarcz (847-971-8457).

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